A space dedicated to interdisciplinary thought, celebrating a multi-faceted approach to living.

The harmonisation of different thoughts, narratives and voices


Hi my name is Ella, a Liberal Arts student at the University of Nottingham. Welcome to my blog where I explore the world around us in a multifaceted light. From wholesome food and creative arts, to community-centred initiatives, exciting travel and grounding yoga, this space investigates a variety of pathways helping us examine our relationship both with the planet and ourselves.

Central to my studies is the concept of interdisciplinary thought- the act of combining various subjects to achieve a range of different perspectives.

Equipped with a diverse range of views, overarching themes and arguments can be created to build a network of inter-related ideas. This approach means we are not limited to one field or single direction of learning, and so new questions can be developed to understand issues more globally.

Within our evolving world, the ability to assess topics in a multi-dimensional way is crucial, as developing numerous insights helps us understand the complexity of contemporary life.

With this core theme of Liberal Arts in mind, I was inspired to call this space Earthen Symphony as to understand ourselves and the world holistically we must integrate an array of thoughts, narratives and voices.

In blending these together and bridging gaps between concepts, a collection of ideas working in harmony can be created. This in-turn produces a network of individuals and thoughts, resembling a musical symphony consisting of different complementary layers and arrangements.

Please enjoy reading the short pieces I publish here honouring a multi-faceted approach, which I’ve come to discover offers a valuable window into the world and ourselves.